I’m kind of stressed right now.

It’s starting to really hit me that Zach is moving. He’s leaving the 15th to take as much stuff to the house as they can, and look for jobs and everything. He’ll be up there for about a week, come back for a week, then leave for good. He’ll be in Cincinnati for 3 months, and come home for a little bit around Christmas.

After Christmas they’re going to Chattanooga, and going on tour all over the country for a while. He’ll be there for at least a year…So, I’ll see him as much as I can until he leaves for Cincinnati, during Christmas, and then I probably won’t see him again until AT LEAST next Christmas.

I thought he was only going to be gone for about 6 or 7 months total, but I found out last night that it’ll probably be at least 15 months. At least 15 months.

He hasn’t even left yet, and it feels like he’s half way across the world from me. It’s going to be difficult knowing that he’ll constantly be miles away from me, while I’m at home wishing I was with him. The strain of him being so far away is going to eat away at me.

I know that this is going to be difficult. All of it. But, not all of the time. There’s going to be times where I just want to break down and cry at any given moment, and just scream and yell because I miss him so much. I understand that this relationship is going to have to be consistently provided effort, and I’m willing to do that. I’m willing to do whatever I have to in order to be happy with everything, and have a good relationship with Zach. I know that it will be totally worth it when I do get the opportunity to see him. I’ll go to any lengths that I’m capable to go to so that I can see him. I’m going to make this work with him, despite the circumstances.

Like I’ve said numerous times; just because Zach is moving doesn’t mean that I’m going to drop every feeling I have for him.

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  1. automaticchris said: stay positive. if you need someone to talk to, I know all about distance. alll. about. distance. asdfghjkl;
  2. 808sandfunfetticakes said: oh hunny, as long as the feelings you guys have for each other remain strong then things will fall into place the way they need to. it’s going to be a tough 15 months, and it seems like you guys are willing to make it work be positive :)
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