efiebrfbebferbfehbfe should i make a video of me singing?

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  1. bryinsko answered: yes!
  2. psycche answered: i think you’re adorable , and i want to fuck you
  3. yovalerie answered: yes yes yes :] i’d totally watch haha
  4. alexandramazing1 answered: Yes!
  5. moistcigarettes answered: YUSSS
  6. laavvy answered: I believe you should. :D
  7. nutopiancitizen answered: yes
  8. maj0ras-mask answered: YES.
  9. not-okay-man answered: YES
  10. shiningnewera answered: yes! c:
  11. volxx answered: yessss! :D
  12. ifpeoplestare answered: yes, of course :)
  13. joelriseup answered: you should
  14. victorvincentfuentes answered: sure, i made one of me. its tough to get up the balls to do it, but once its over you feel better. and fuck anons.
  15. suddenlyinwhispermode answered: Do it. :D
  16. clitoristal answered: YES !
  17. in-rep4ir answered: Yes.
  18. the-midnight-air answered: Yes.
  19. imtheragingdemon answered: yes.
  20. thirtysevenbrooks answered: YES OH MY GOD
  21. ihateandre answered: OMG YES THAT WOULD BE SO CUTE
  22. wh0refac3 answered: YES.
  23. lesircoco answered: yes :D i am actually thinking of doing the same :D
  24. madology answered: yess~
  25. famoose said: YES OMG
  26. c0mpla1n3rs answered: yes :D
  27. wild-skeleton answered: do it !
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