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me n evan last night on the way to bellingrath :333
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me and evan on christmas eve <3 :333
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muh boo n_____n instagram)
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Another picture of me and tha bf from last night :3333
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Cuddlez with my baby  (Taken with instagram)
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Me and my boyfriend derpin it up outside in the cold lol :-)
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Me and my cute ass boyfriend kickin it on v-day ;33333
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Cute derpin picture of me and Evan at dinner tonight :’333
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Another picture from last night with my two favorite people  (Taken with instagram)
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Me and my boy while on the way downtown today :33333 (Taken with instagram)
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My boy is so damn cute.  (Taken with instagram)
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I actually managed to get a nice picture of me and my boyfriend taken from my camera! n____n
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I love waking up to this every day. :3 It’s the second best thing besides actually waking up next to my boy. (Taken with instagram)