Alright. Here’s your fucking response.

And I know you’ll probably see this too, since your lurking on my Tumblr when you don’t even have one. And you’re so pathetic that you have to leave me an anon hate message when you can’t even fucking confront me after you’re throwing a whole bitch fit about this situation.

Basically the main thing I can say is that you’re fucking PATHETIC. I don’t know why you’re trying so hard to get Zach back. I guarantee you that it’s not going to work. And throwing a fucking tantrum all over Twitter isn’t going to do shit for you either. The way you go about things is extremely immature and pointless. Fuck, you’re older than me, and I still handle all of this a thousand times more maturely than you.

I don’t see why you’re trying to turn everyone against me just because you’re pissed that you’re not with the person you want to be with. You’re just going to have to accept the fact that not EVERY MOTHER FUCKING THING is going to go the way you want it to. Life is not fair. And when it doesn’t go how you want, you do NOT need to act like a 5 year old and try to get between me and Zach JUST BECAUSE you two aren’t talking anymore.

And, another thing that just pisses me the fuck off is just how you go about arguing with me. You have never talked to me a single day in my life except when you’re bitching at me. YOU HAVE NEVER GOT TO KNOW ME. EVER. You’re basing your opinion of me off of what other fake people have told you about me. When me and that fuckface started talking a few months ago, you flipped your shit because you, “didn’t like me”, when you had never said a word to me BEFORE IN YOUR LIFE. I didn’t even know who the fuck you were until that night. Why are you so defensive when it comes to people seemingly taking your place? What, are you intimidated by me or something? You must be really insecure to try to attempt to fuck everything up. Are you that worried and jealous? That’s pretty pathetic. You have to pull shit out of no where and use it against them when 99% of it never fucking happened.

If you have a problem with what I say, do, or the choices that I make, then you should say something to ME about it. NOT to other people, NOT on fucking Twitter, and NOT to people that have nothing to fucking do with it. You’re just digging yourself a deeper hole, and making it way more dramatic than it already it. Anything that goes on between me and Zach, or ANYONE for that matter, is none of your good goddamn business. SURE, you can be mad all the fuck you wanna, but you don’t have to cause a big scene about this. There’s no reason for it. You’re trying to prove a point that doesn’t exist.

And the thing that probably pisses me off the MOST, is the fact that you don’t know me, or shit about me, yet you’re judging the fuck out of me, and using irrelevant things against me as a pathetic excuse to back yourself up, and look so damn big and bad. YOU DO NOT KNOW ME. You don’t know a single goddamn thing about me or my life. You just HEAR things, and use them against me. Well, you know what? I hear shit about you ALL THE TIME. But do I ever use it against you in an argument that has nothing to do with it? NO. I DON’T. If you’re going to argue with me, and cause irrelevant and pointless bullshit, at least make it where you don’t look fucking ignorant just throwing insults out of no where.

Now, you are not in charge of my life, or my decisions. What I do does NOT concern you. So, you really shouldn’t even bother trying to with about it. It’s not going to change my mind one bit, it’s just going to make me resent you more than I already do.

But, the thing that REALLY, REALLY pisses me off is that you think you’re so much better than me. Just because you’re a few years older, doesn’t mean you’re the shit. Just because you get around, and people know you for ALL THE WRONG reasons, does not mean you’re better than me. And using my age against me is fucking stupid. You’re not proving your point by bringing up my age. So what if I’m a little younger than my friends? So what if I’m a little younger than he guys I date, like, and have interest in? IT IS NOT YOUR DECISION AS TO WHAT I DO WITH MY LIFE, AND HOW I WANT TO LIVE IT. Bringing up my age in an argument, WHO YOU DO EVERY GODDAMN TIME, is really, really irrelevant. Just because I’m not as old as the people I associate with, doesn’t mean I’m any less of a person. Don’t you think that if THEY had a problem with it, that they wouldn’t talk to me? We’re not friends at all, so it shouldn’t concern you. You have nothing to do with my life. I KNOW I am mature for my age, and so do all the people I surround myself with. So, the age difference between me and Zach is not affecting shit between our feelings. So, it’s not a problem with us.

And, calling me worthless, a whore, and saying that no one loves me is just making yourself look like a heartless bitch.


Let me just say something, okay. I AM 13. I will be 14 on October 23rd. I just so happen to have feelings for someone who is 18. Yes, that’s a slight bit of age difference. But, I’m tired of people telling me that it’s “not going to work”, “you don’t know what love is”, “you’re too young”, etc. How about, it’s my  feelings we’re talking about here. Not yours, not anyone else’s. MINE.  I don’t fucking care what you think about it, but why don’t you think about how you would feel if someone tried to tell you that the way you feel about someone is wrong, or stupid, or whatever else you guys are saying to me about it. Just because I’m younger than my friends, or the people I have feelings for, DOESN’T MEAN that I’m some sort of “whore”. I’m sorry, but I don’t force them to associate with me. I don’t force them to like me, or talk to me, or hang out with me. They do it themselves because they like the kinda of person that I am. They don’t like me based on my AGE.

So, if you have a problem with how old I am, or how I make decisions about my life, or who I like, and want to have a relationship with, then you can FUCK OFF, and unfollow me right now.

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