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x x 179

Victor Fuentes.
he’s a sexy penis alright
you see that angelic face? you see it? appreciate it
lyrical muthafuckin genius that’s what this man is
YES i said MAN 
he’s pushing damn near 30 and still stealing you from your boyfriend okay 
dats called game, bitches
his hair when he doesnt straighten it/when he gets sweaty FUCKING UNF
you know what that V-cut leads to?? Check the first bullet for that answer
his voice omgggg shut the fuck up you know you love dat shit
the fact that he can rock women’s glasses and not look like a douche
that freaking scooter, you know you wanna ride it
due to that adorable face, it’s extremely attractive when he curses
his armsssss goddamn you want to feel them so bad
be honest: are you really listening to him, or are you just watching his lips move?
that’s what i thought

oh my GOD i think this is the best thing i have ever seen
x x 0
this game is really fun ok